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  • We develop customized adhesive solutions to suit your business goals.

About Us

Our company was founded in 2003 as a successor of JSC Snejinka - one of the largest manufacturers of adhesive products and chemicals for dry cleaning industry.

Today, Victor is one of the largest suppliers of adhesive products in Russia. With hi-end equipment and professional staff, we manufacture and supply businesses up to 150 tons of adhesive products per month in more than 60 cities and regional centers of Russia.

Due to up-to-date scientific and technological laboratory and highly qualified professionals engaged in research, development and creation of adhesives for more than 20 years, we can provide products with custom adhesive compound perfectly matching the requirements of virtually any business.

Product Overview


Chloroprene group of adhesives

Based on chloroprene caoutchouc, with a wide range of applications, due to it’s properties. Chloroprene compounds have good adhesion to rubber, based on polar caoutchouc, rubber-fabric materials, leather, wood, plastics, textiles, paper, ceramics. It possesses high confection properties superior to similar properties of rubber-based adhesives NK. These adhesives are used in the footwear, haberdashery, automotive, military, aerospace and construction industries.


Natural rubber group of adhesives

Based on natural caoutchouc, widely used in the footwear and textile and leather industry. These adhesives have a unique combination of properties: confection stickiness and wide range of drying time of the adhesive surface (from 3 minutes to 24 hours), the ability to redo gluing procedure without additional adhesive application.


Urethane group of adhesives

Single component adhesive, based on a polymer with high adhesion, low reactivation temperature, good thermal resistance. High-temperature mode of these compounds (up to 140 degrees) allows it’s use in difficult climate and operating conditions. It is used in the marine industry, the footwear industry and in manufacturing of sports equipment, etc. One of the urethane compounds, manufactured by our company is designed for bonding foam fine crumbs in a moist environment under pressure. Mainly used in manufacturing sport mats and secondary production of foam.


Adhesives based on thermoplastic elastomers

Based on thermoplastic elastomers, are low viscosity solutions at high concentration of solids (40%) and have a good resistance to water. Thermoplastic adhesive compounds are used in furniture and automotive industries, production of upholstered furniture, mattresses, chairs, automotive upholstery and sound insulation.


Polychloroprene latex adhesive

A water-based solution. This is a new direction in our product line. This adhesive is designed for use in upholstered furniture production. In it’s absence of an organic solvent and, accordingly, odor, makes this compound hypoallergenic and dramatically improves the working conditions in the workplace. Thus, it can be used in case of insufficient ventilation. Also, the adhesive is completely fire proof. Unlike solvent-based adhesives it is easily washed off with water from the equipment and tools. Unique adhesive formula ensures its rapid gluing. This compound complies with EU standards and is very competitive in terms of the price.

Services Overview


At Victor, we understand that your brand is your reputation, and that you need to communicate your brand professionally, and that products manufactured under your label must comply with the high level of quality. Victor’s private-label service is a key part of our business.

Victor has more than 20 years of experience in adhesive product manufacturing, and we are trusted to supply private-label products to a host of reputable brand names in the industrial, construction, automotive and end-user industries.

You can place an order for the production of adhesive products choosing from a wide range of existing compounds or order the development of a special composition in our laboratory.

With strong design, packaging and print connections, we have access to a wide variety of different packaging options. Our marketing, compliance, technical and logistic teams will work with you to source and create packaging that looks professional and is compliant with health & safety and transport regulations.

We produce a wide range of adhesives for the following industries:

Construction, Oil & Gas, Footwear, Furniture, Military, Engineering, Instrumentation, Automobile, etc.

We understand that you need a cost-effective and efficient solution for your business. Our expert Technical Department is made up of chemical experts and technologists, each of them has many years of experience working with clients to establish the right solution to specific problem, whether it is the speed of use, efficiency or reduction of waste.

You can be sure that by choosing our company, you will get a solution, that meets all your requirements.


We are serious about protection of the intellectual property and confidential information of our clients, so with each of our customer we sign a Non-disclosure Agreement.


Our laboratory is equipped with the most comprehensive range of equipment, which allows us to develop innovative adhesive compounds, test it’s, both, chemical and physical properties, and well manage quality standards.

Particular attention is paid to the quality of products, so we created the independent QA department, responsible for quality control of raw materials and manufactured products. We guarantee high quality and compliance with Russian and international standards of all our products.


Oil and gas industry

Automobile production

Furniture manufacturing

Footwear industry

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